The facilities at the Monterrey Campus have been designed to create the perfect environment for motivating our students, creating a balance between studying and recreation. You will have access to cafeterias, research laboratories, the gym, the library, the swimming pool and all the other facilities the campus has to offer.

Our Facilities

At the Monterrey Campus you will find:
  • 5 cafeterias for your convenience
  • 8 academic buildings
  • More than 200 research laboratories
  • A well-equipped gym
  • A library with a Learning Commons area
  • An auditorium
  • A student center
  • A stadium and athletics track
  • 17 college residences (with recreational swimming pool)
  • An inndoor swimming pool
  • Dozens of sports fields and courts to play your favorite sports: Tennis, racquetball, football, basketball, soccer, softball, volleyball, and many more


For the convenience of students, the Monterrey Campus offers various services both on and off campus, such as:
  • Safe Cab
  • Safeguarding of valuables during recess
  • LOCATEC (lost and found service within the campus)
  • Circuito Tec (a shuttle service that takes students to their homes, within the campus area, in official vehicles and during the night).


Enjoy a global experience while interacting with and living among students from Mexico and many other different countries. There are 16 college residence (none of which are co-ed). Seven of them are located on campus and nine are off campus, only a few blocks away. The buildings vary slightly in the accommodation options they offer.

A Multicultural City Where Culture, Adventure, Entertainment and Business Combine

Monterrey, the capital of the state of Nuevo León, is the third largest city in Mexico and, thanks to the high quality of the tourism services on offer; it is considered a world-class destination.

Monterrey is considered one of the safest cities in Mexico, offering not only entertainment, but also a large number of schools, institutes, universities and further education centers. Thousands of foreign students live in Monterrey, making this city one which is full of life and diversity.

Facts at a Glance Campus Monterrey

To know more facts about this campus, the city and what you must do and visit during your exchange at Tec, download its Facts at a Glance.

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