Research Projects

Research Projects (In-person)

Tec de Monterrey offers you the possibility to develop your research skills and obtain valuable experience by taking part in a project at any of our research centers, while being advised by research specialists.

Area Strategic Research Group
Architecture, Art and Design Sustainable Territorial Development
Biotechnology Biomedical Engineering
Nutriomics and Emerging Technologies
Traslacional Omics
Business Business Analytics
Consumer Behavior and Conscious Marketing
Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Family Business
Finance and Macroeconomics
Social Innovation and Sustainability
Strategy and Management of Organizations in Emerging Economies
Health Applied Biosciences for Health
Bioengineering and Regenerative Medicine
Bioinformatics for Clinical Diagnosis
Cancer Research
Cardiovascular and Metabolomics Medicine
Human Genetics
Innovative Therapies in Visual Sciences
Pathophysiology of Metabolic and Emerging Diseases
Humanities and Education Communication, Discourse and Culture
Educational Innovation
Ethics and Human Flowering
Science, Technology and Society
Information Technologies, Electronics and Communications Intelligent Systems
Machine Learning
Photonics and Quantum Systems
Telecommunications for the Digital Transformation
Mechatronics and Engineering Advanced Manufacturing
Automotive Consortium for Cyberphysical Systems
Nano-sensors and Devices
Nanotechnology for Devices Design
Optimization and Data Science
Product Innovation
Public Policy and Social Sciences Access to Justice Democracy, Corruption and Global Issues Economic Development and Environment Government and Public Entrepreneurship
Sustainable Development Energy and Climate Change Water Science and Technology

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If you are interested in participating in a project on any of these lines of research, please contact us so we can connect you with the professor in charge of your particular area of interest. We typically find places for students based ON DEMAND; however, some professor have already listed their specific projects for students to review directly.


Research Type Work Hours / Week Duration (Weeks) Total Number of Hours Credits
Part Time 20 5 100 3 credits = 5 ECTS

You can combine a Research Project with other courses to complete a full academic load:
Summer: Up to 6 credits=10 ECTS

How to Apply

  • If you are applying as an exchange student, then you first need to be nominated by your university. If you are an independent student go to APPLY NOW and fill out the Application for Admission.
  • Fill out the research project application here   

and submit the following requirements:

  1. A letter of recommendation from a professor or staff member from the home university.
  2. Updated resume in English or Spanish depending on the language in which you want to do your project.
  3. Letter of intention explaining the reasons why you would like to participate on a research project in Mexico.

Once you complete these steps, a Research Project Advisor will evaluate your profile and contact you to start your placement.

Research Project Placement
You will receive information about different projects that fit your profile and interests. Also, interviews with project managers may be required before making an offer.
Keep in mind that this process may take several weeks and that the final placement decision will be made by the department where the project takes place.  

*Important: Receiving admission to Tec de Monterrey is different than applying for a research project. You will follow a separate evaluation process to be considered for a project.
 ** Not having an advanced level of Spanish is not a limitation to participate in the program; however, have in mind that, because of their nature, some projects may require an intermediate or advance level of Spanish, therefore limiting your placement options.

Campus that offer this program:

Campus Semester Summer
Mexico City *(In-person) * (In-person)
Monterrey *(In-person) *(In-person)
Queretaro *(In-person) *(In-person)

Contact us at: