Academic Offer

At Tecnológico de Monterrey, you will find a variety of academic programs that will enhance your international learning experience. From regular university courses taught in Spanish and English to professional internships and certificates of specialization, we are sure you will find something according to your academic needs. We also offer classes designed especially for international student such as Spanish as a second language, Mexican Culture and Business in Mexico.

Credit and Grading system​​​​​​​

Units Classroom hours Hours out of the classroom ECTS USA Credits
Undergraduate 8 48 80 5 3
Graduate 12 42 102 7.5 3

At the Tecnológico de Monterrey:

The total academic load of a full time student in undergraduate level is about 48 units during the semester
or 768 study hours.

The total academic load of a full time student in graduate level is about 48 units during the semester or 567 study hours.

Grade 100 99-90 89-80 79-70 Less than 70
Description Excellent Very Good Good Average Failed

* You can check the admission requirements in the Admissions section.

** Migratory Process:

SCHOLARSHIPS. If you are applying for some type of scholarship in your country, you must take into account that it will not be possible to have your letter of acceptance until you have completed all the requirements indicated on this page and be admitted to Tecnológico de Monterrey. Giving you a final answer takes some time, so we ask you to start this process in advance.


Doctorate Doctorate Diploma 3
Graduate/Master Diploma of Higher Specialization 1-2
Undergraduate /Professional Licence Specialized Diploma 4-5
Bachelor Certificate 1-2