Tecnológico de Monterrey offers language and culturally oriented courses through which you will learn to speak Spanish - the fourth most spoken language in the world- and also obtain invaluable knowledge about Mexico and Latin America´s way of thinking and doing business. These courses are available in both Spanish and English.

You can take these courses as part of your academic load and mix them with other courses from your discipline and get the most out of your experience in Mexico.

Spanish as a Second Language (Online & In-Person)

Improve your Spanish language skills with courses designed to teach non – native speakers.

Tec de Monterrey offers courses from beginners to advance according to the CERF standard (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages): A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.

Other advanced courses to develop specific skills, such as speaking and writing, are also available.

Business in Mexico and Latin America

Mexico plays a vital role in the global business community. Courses in this area will help you understand the way business is conducted in Latin America and Mexico and the different customs and values that are appreciated by Latin managers and businessmen and that are an essential component for successful negotiating in the international business world.

Mexican Culture

From pre-colonial times to the modernization of Mexico, discover Mexico’s fascinating history and culture through different courses as you explore its ancient civilizations and the way different waves of European immigration have affected it.

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