Student Life

Student Life

Our students play a very active role outside the classrooms.  Many engage in more than 350 extra-curricular activities organized every semester in different fields.  As an international student you are welcome to participate in any of these activities:

Cultural Activities

We wholeheartedly believe that through artistic expression, students can cultivate their potential in literature, drama, music, art and dance and express their concerns, interests and emotions.
Tec offers workshops, cultural and art classes where you can learn and grow your skills in different artistic expressions. Such as contemporary dance, jazz, hip, hop, Latin rhythms, Arabian and Irish dance. As well as take classes in guitar, keyboard, percussion, painting, photography, amongst many others.
You can participate in plays, concerts, musical theater productions and/or join our theater, music, dance companies.

Sport Activities

We are convinced that at practicing any sports activity gives you skills and experiences that contribute to your full development. We provide spaces that will help you to either maintain a healthy lifestyle or achieve your athletic goals. There are programs for everyone at the athletics and sports department.

Sport classes
You can join a sport class at any level in which you can learn, practice or improve your skills. We offer classes in athletics, boxing, basketball, yoga, capoeira, spinning, TRX, soccer, swimming, taekwondo, rugby or volleyball, just to name a few.

If you are passionate about a sport, you can participate in our intramural tournaments in table tennis, E-sports, soccer, basketball, volleyball, drone racing and others.
Intramurals are organized based on student´s interest and current trends. The tournaments are between students from your campus and from other campuses.

High performance
If you are already an outstanding athlete, you as an international visiting student can join one of our 156 varsity teams in 23 different disciplines nationwide and compete against other universities as a proud Borrego. With talent, discipline, and your coach´s guidance and support, you can achieve your competitive goals but also learn lessons that will last a lifetime. Our varsity teams represent our school at national and international competitions.

Special Interest Activities
Take a chance and discover new talents. There are more programs that have been created according to your interests, needs and proposals we are convinced that to achieve transcendence in a human being, we have to do what we are passionate about and love. You can find different activities as photography, music, book clubs, etc.