4 Week Programs

January 7 to February 3, 2023


Modality:  in-person multicampus program

The iWinterMx Programs are an innovative academic option designed for International students who love traveling and learning about new cultures. They are four-week long and were created with an itinerant schedule, that is, students will travel to different Tec de Monterrey campuses in different cities. This means that students will learn about different parts of the country without ceasing their studies.

Each Tec de Monterrey campus will offer special activities with field trips, company visits and networking events that will make their experience unforgettable, creating everlasting memories, exercising their intellectual curiosity, and developing entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership skills in a multicultural setting.

Based on experiential learning, you will learn outside the classroom by developing real-life collaborative projects with other students.  You will also embark on Tec de Monterrey’s TEC21 educational model, an ambitious university-wide program to rethink education allowing flexibility as to how, when, and where students learn.
The programs we are offering this winter are:


FOR MORE INFO: iwinter@itesm.mx