Internship Program

Experience the business world first-hand with one of the many opportunities offered by Tecnológico de Monterrey in different partner companies and organizations. By participating in this professional experience, you will develop professional skills, increase your knowledge about the Mexican business environment, maximize your learning and develop a know-how that will give you an edge and make you stand out from other students.

You can choose to work in a large company or organization, an NGO or in a startup, depending on your interests and availability.

There is nothing more enriching on a study abroad program than fully immerse on the local culture, and what better way to do it than participating on a real-life project.

Don’t miss this opportunity and apply to Tec de Monterrey´s internship program!


Internship Type Work Hours / Week Duration (Weeks) Total Number of Hours Credits
Part Time 20 16 320 6 credits = 10 ECTS
Full Time 30-40 16 480 - 640 12 credits = 20 ECTS

Internship Type Work Hours / Week Duration (Weeks) Total Number of Hours Credits
Part Time 20 5 100 3 credits = 5 ECTS
Part Time 20 8 160 3 credits = 5 ECTS
Full Time 30-40 8 240 - 320 6 credits = 10 ECTS

You can combine an internship with other courses to complete a full academic load:

Semester: Up to 18 credits=30 ECTS

Summer: Up to 6 credits=10 ECTS

Internships Areas

Engineering Information technologies and electronics
Health sciences Business and economics
Law Architecture and design
Communications and digital production Journalism
Tourism Education
Biotechnology Humanities and social sciences

How to Apply

 1.- Go to > APPLY NOW and fill out the Application for Admission*. If you are applying as an Exchange Student, then you first need to be nominated by your university.

2.- Fill out the internship application at or scan the QR code below, and submit the following requirements:

    - A letter of recommendation from a professor or staff member from the home university.
    - Updated resume in English or Spanish** depending on the language in which you want to do your internship.
    - Letter of intention explaining the reasons why you would like to participate on an internship program in Mexico.

Once you complete these steps, an Internships Advisor will evaluate your profile and contact you to start your placement.

Internships Placement

You will receive information about different projects that fit your profile and interests. Also, interviews with project managers may be required before making an offer.

Keep in mind that this process may take several weeks and that the final placement decision will be made by the company/organization where the project takes place. 

*Important: Receiving admission to Tecnologico de Monterrey is different than applying for an internship. You will follow a separate evaluation process to be considered for an internship.

 ** Not having an advanced level of Spanish is not a limitation to participate in the program; however, have in mind that, because of their nature, some projects may require an intermediate or advance level of Spanish, therefore limiting your placement options.

Campus that offer this program:

Campus SEM: Semester SU5: Summer 5 weeks SU8: Summer 8 weeks
Estado de México **
Ciudad de México ** ** **
Sata Fe **
Guadalajara ** **
Monterrey **
Querétaro ** ** **