TEC Campus Guadalajara

Founded in 1991, the Campus Guadalajara is located in the northwest outskirts of the city. Something remarkable about the Campus is the good balance between the green areas and the modern buildings, which combine in perfect harmony to bring a fresh and friendly learning atmosphere.

This Campus is always evolving based on the student’s needs, in order for them to have better facilities for an enriched and complete education process and life. It has based the futuristic design of its buildings on the most recent technological developments.

Campus Guadalajara has earned national and international prestige due to the quality of its academic programs and facilities. The Business School is ranked as the #1 in Mexico, and was recognized for having the largest number of programs certified by national and international associations.

Our Facilities

A distinctive element of Campus Guadalajara has been the offering of diverse facilities to all of its students. As a registered student you can use all on-Campus facilities during service hours, such as:
  • Classrooms
  • Library (On-line catalogue, digital library, newspaper library, video library, specialized data bases, collaborative work rooms, individual study area)
  • Outdoor facilities
  • Cafeterias and snacks
  • Parking lot
  • Sport facilities
  • Computer lab
  • Campus-wide wireless network
  • Debate room and oral trade room
  • Auditoriums and a Convention Center
  • Cultural workshops
  • Academic tutoring, counselling and professional orientation
  • Emergency medical service
  • Web based academic platforms


Some of our outstanding academic facilities include:

- CDA: Advanced Design Centre

- Robotics Lab

- CIEF: Consulting, Business and Financial Research Centre

- Art and Media Centre

- PCiTEC: Technological Park

Campus Guadalajara also offers you several cultural and sports facilities.


Residencias TEC Campus Guadalajara

Rather than a room, it´s like being at home.

Enjoy a global experience while interacting with and living among students from Mexico and many other different countries.

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The Pearl of the West

With an area of more than 500Km2, Guadalajara's metro area is formed by 5 main municipalities: Guadalajara, Zapopan, Tlaquepaque, Tonalá and Tlajomulco. The city is located within Central Time Meridian (-6 GMT). It’s only about 500 km away from Mexico City, and about 300 km from the pacific coast line.

Guadalajara is known worldwide for its traditional hospitality, with a wide variety of cultural and recreational attractions and delicious cuisine. But most of all, it is known for its people.

More than just a city, it represents Mexican culture with its folklore, the renowned Mariachi, handcrafts, tequila and the national sport: 'Charrería. Few cities can offer such a variety of interesting things to see and do, involving the visitors in a cultural, historical and legendary atmosphere.

The city is known for having a great weather, sometimes considered by some as "near perfect".

Summer and winter are very mild. Afternoon showers are present almost every day in summer months, from mid-June to early October.

May is the hottest month of the year. July and August have the strongest storms. Usually, rain only lasts 2 or 3 hours, after that it becomes sunny again.

Facts at a Glance Campus Guadalajara

To know more facts about this campus, the city and what you must do and visit during your exchange at Tec, download its Facts at a Glance.

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