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Students will be embarked on the educational model TEC21, an ambitious university-wide program to rethink education. iSummerMX will allow flexibility as to how, when and where learning happens through:

Company visits

Conferences with experts

Networking events





from July 4 to July 29,   2022

The iSummerMx Programs are an innovative academic option designed for International students who love traveling and learning about new cultures. They are four-week-long and were created with an itinerant schedule, that is, students will travel to dierent Tec de Monterrey campuses in dierent cities. This means that students will learn about dierent parts of the country without ceasing their studies.

Each Tec de Monterrey campus will organize special activities with field trips, company visits, and networking events that will make their experience unforgettable by creating everlasting memories, exercising their intellectual curiosity, and developing entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership skills in a multicultural setting.

The programs are based on experiential learning so students will learn also outside the classroom by developing real-life collaborative projects with other students. Students will be embarked on Tec de Monterrey ́s TEC21 educational model, an ambitious university-wide program to rethink education allowing flexibility as to how, when, and where students learn.

In this program, students will be challenged to develop a creative Business Model Canvas for a business opportunity they identify, all based on the knowledge of the Mexican market and its culture for doing business.
Students will live in four vibrant cities in Mexico. The Santa Fe district in Mexico City, the colonial city of Queretaro, the industrialized city of Leon, and the modern business and industrial center in Monterrey.

Queretaro: Campus Querétaro is the fourth largest campus in the country with more than 7000 students, of which 55% are from other states and more than 400 international students from around the world. Queretaro is located in the heart of Mexico, just a two-hour drive from Mexico City. Its great location, modern infrastructure, diversity of people, food and touristic places make the state one of the best destinations to visit. Queretaro is one of the safest, innovative and state-of-the-art sectors in industrial production, education and technology

Querétaro Campus

Monterrey: The main campus of Tec de Monterrey is located in a modern industrial and business center only 230 Km far from the USA border. The city, also known as “La Ciudad de las Montañas” (City of the Mountains), hosts a set of transnational conglomerates with 10 out of 20 of the most important Mexican firms. The campus has been designed to create the perfect environment, motivating the engagement of intensive academic activity with research as well as recreation, allowing the full innovative and entrepreneurial potential of students and faculty to flourish.

Monterrey Campus

Leon: The campus opened its doors in 1978. Located in the center of the country, the city of Leon is famous for its leather industry which produces high-quality leather shoes and clothes. Throughout the year, Leon is host to international events like the Hot Air Balloon Festival and the Rally Race, amazing events that cannot be missed. Nowadays, Leon is also known for being one of the best automotive production clusters in the country and for its nearness to Puerto Interior, one of the best industrial parks in Mexico and Latin America.

León Campus

Santa Fe: Located west of Mexico City and designed by the world-famous architect Ricardo Legorreta, Campus Santa Fe was built in 2001. Is one of the newest among other 25 campuses of Tec de Monterrey throughout Mexico. The campus is located in the Santa Fe area, the newest commercial and residential neighborhood that has become the greatest economic activity center within the Mexican capital. Our privileged location, close to charming cities like Cuernavaca and Puebla, allows students to travel and enjoy diverse experiences while living within the heart of the country.

Mexico City Campus


Students will learn and advance their skills taking two courses:
Credits per courses 3 credits 5 ECTS 8 Tec de Monterrey units
Credit load of the program (2 courses) 6 credits 10 ECTS 16 Tec de Monterrey units

Students will learn and advance their skills by taking 2 courses:

NI1001 Enterprise, Culture, and Business in The World

(Taught in English)

In this course, students will be able to identify and analyze differences in cultures, political, social and economic systems that influence businesses and analyze how the globalization process affects international businesses.

NI2006 Doing Business in Mexico

(Taught in English)

Students will learn about Mexican present time economics, political and trading structures; compare different cultural patterns and business protocols and the historical bases of Mexican economy and business models. Also, students will discover the differences in management styles between Mexican and foreign companies.


$3800 USD for independent students.

and $1800 USD for exchange* students.

*Nominated by partner institution.


May 6, 2022


May 13, 2022

This program includes:

  • Housing.
  • Transportation for all program activities, including airport pick up on official arrival day and transfer from city to city.
  • Breakfast six days of the week.
  • Tickets to all visits and events of the program.
  • Student arrival kit.
  • Health insurance.

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Arrival Day: July 2 MEXICO CITY
Orientation Day: July 3 CAMPUS SANTA FE ( West of Mexico City)
Week 1 July 4 to July 8 CAMPUS SANTA FE
  • Business internationalization.
  • How to develop licensing as a way for Business Expansion.
  • Spanish and salsa to survive in Mexico.
Week 2 July 11 to July 15 CAMPUS QUERETARO
  • Queretaro: A Mexican Pioneer in the Aerospace Industry in Mexico.
  • Agroparks: The New Green Gold for Mexican Exports.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
Week 3 July 18 to July 22 CAMPUS LEON
  • A Role Model for Supply Chain Internationalization.
  • Logistics: The Game Shaker for International Trade.
  • Cross-cultural adaptation: Leon Expat Community.
Week 4 July 25 to July 29 CAMPUS MONTERREY
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecosystems. Create Your Own Innovation!
  • Technologies that are Changing the Game of Business.
  • Practical Use of Artificial Intelligence: Augmented Reality and Nanotech.